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How to become WordPress Developer?

If you are looking to become a WordPress developer then it is going to be an easy task if you already know HTML and CSS. WordPress is a free platform where websites can be build quite easily. One can download WordPress set up from here https://wordpress.org/

We will move to customization part because there is nothing in the installation and theme set up. You will have to be ready for the CSS. HTML is like the model and CSS is cloth which gives different color and style.

First use some browser based tools like Dev tools in Google chrome or Web Inspector in Safari. Don’t you think, you are going to change things for any website; you can have a preview of what you can expect? DevTool is being activated by default in the browser. You can press crtl+shift+I to activate this too for developers. Now you can start with this tool, select the spy tool which is on the lower left corner. Select that and hover the element whichever you want to alter.

You will find codes like this #navigation { margin: 60px 30 10 0; border-side: 6px solid #gkgkgk; border-upside: 5px solid #lelele; }

Try to understand this CSS code as it has 60 pixels margin for the top. It is making border side six pixels margin. First you should test in the browser, once you find exact code that is needed then you can go for the next round which is editing in the .CSS file.

Never forget to make child theme of existing theme because this is really crucial for developers. You never want to spoil work of anybody because of your experiments. Child theme is a perfect option for people who are looking for beginning in the development of WordPress. Never forget to play with functions.php file because here you will find all functions. Index.php, functions.php and CSS file are three most important files inside wordpress without these you can’t imagine this CMS.

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