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WordPress is a firm favourite of start-ups when it comes to developing websites for their businesses. There are several reasons as to why WordPress is the most popular content management system solution in the world. A free open-source program, it is easy to customize with a wide range of solutions that cater to every taste and are in sync with the ever-changing demands and fads. Over 70% of websites avail of WordPress. That is a glaring testament to the fact that millions of such WordPress-powered websites have implicitly impacted the growth of multiple businesses in a positive way.

Every enterprise avails the services of dedicated WordPress development companies that offer myriad tailor-made digital solutions. Therefore, it is pertinent to choose the right WordPress development agency that has the requisite expertise to provide a wide range of related services and scalable web solutions.

eORB is a leading digital marketing company in India that is a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs. With over a decade of experience under our belt, we offer a variety of solutions that guarantees a strong online presence for your company, something that is indispensable in this digital age. We build bridges and pave the pathways connecting our clients with their customers. Our innovative web solutions help you find a niche in the market.

Our WordPress Development Expertise

We have special expertise in many web-related services, and that includes WordPress development services. Our proficiency in providing a plethora of services related to WordPress design and development solutions have been discussed below.

PSD to responsive WordPress and WordPress conversion

Our specialized team of coders and developers are adept at creating fully responsive WordPress websites. We pay special attention to the visual element of PSD files and endeavour to retain all the aesthetic qualities while converting to WordPress themes. Simultaneously, we integrate all the functionalities of WordPress, paving the way for a seamless conversion. Our meticulous handling of the conversion process entails incorporating vigorous security features to bolster the safety quotient and also ensuring that the website is cross-browser compatible. It is very easy to lose customers when your web content is not accessible across all types of devices.

WordPress Plugin Development Services in India

WordPress plugins are the essence of WordPress websites. Whatever you visualize and desire, plugins make it possible. But, even though WordPress houses a big collection of plugins, they might not suit your taste and complement your business goals. We offer customized plugin development services that undergo several trials and scrutiny until they achieve the desired result. You visualize, and we deliver. We boast of technical virtuosos who have the necessary skill sets to develop custom plugins for your websites.

Hire Dedicated WordPress Designers and Developers in India

Our WordPress programmers are seasoned campaigners with tons of experience in developing and designing WordPress websites with customized solutions. These creators are proficient in handling complex tasks and are up-to-date with the latest trends and upgrades. Be it plugin development or theme customization, our designers and developers are well-versed in all types of services related to WordPress solutions. We have a 100% efficiency in meeting deadlines and providing deliverables.

WordPress CMS Development

With brilliant features like clean permalink structure, automatic filter, and integrated link management, WordPress might look like a heavy-handed affair, but, in reality, it is easy to set up once you know your job. We, at eORB, are aware that WordPress is the most sought after content management system (CMS), and the rich treasure trove of plugins and themes makes it possible for experts like us to create reliable, scalable, and flexible websites.

WordPress Customization Service in India

We are the leading digital marketing company that specializes in WordPress development services. Thus, we offer valuable customization services that lend uniqueness to your websites. Our priorities are the goals and objectives of your business. Our customization techniques bring out the special features of your business that appeal to the customers. We understand the importance of branding, and our customization services create the most user-friendly websites without compromising on the functional aspects.

WordPress Website Development Services in India

To develop the best WordPress websites, one needs to possess high-level technical knowledge. We are blessed & bestowed with a team of experts who have high-level coding knowledge and are highly experienced & skilled in languages like JavaScript, PHP, HTML/CSS, etc. Our avant-garde approach and professional aptitude ensure the creation of authentic and responsive websites that serve the needs of your business.

WordPress Theme Development & Theme Design

We are capable of creating attractive and engaging websites, both with pre-existing themes and with customized themes that we create specifically for your business. We produce content in accordance with your branding and logo. We design themes taking inspiration from elements that are particular to your business. We not only create meaningful designs but our compositions are also aesthetically appealing.

WordPress pricing

We, at eORB, offer affordable solutions to our clients. We value the connection we make along the way and have a knack of forging strong bonds with our clients. We believe in offering the best digital solutions at an economical cost. We know how tough it is for start-ups these days to survive and flourish. We want our clients’ businesses to prosper and reach greater heights, and our small token of contribution is the web content that we develop for you.

If you are looking to avail of the best WordPress Development services in Bangalore and enjoy the commercial benefits of a brilliant website, then you know where to look now. eORB Technologies the best web development company in Bangalore has built strong goodwill over the last decade and our endless list of contented clients speaks volumes about our diligence, professionalism, and expertise.

Front-end development
With the right front-end development support from us, with smart graphic designs, businesses can have attractive websites to get many visitors.
Custom website development:
Our core competency lies in developing custom websites and we can help a startup as well a big enterprise with bespoke web applications.
Web portal development
We can provide above par development services for web portals that span the complete business vertical chain with versatile service for portal development.
E-commerce solution
We help your E-commerce business to flourish in the competitive market with our complete solution for b2b, b2c online stores, the multi-vendor marketplace, electronic payment gateway, mobile commerce, and many more.
Open source development
You can have a very cost-effective way of web development solutions with our open-source web development service. We offer state of the art open-source technologies and we are master in using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, and many more.
Mobile-first websites
We make sure that your website works seamlessly across all type of screen sizes and provide a pleasurable experience to the visitor’s navigation. We can help you to tap the market for mobile users that can increase your customer base significantly.

A successful website attracts visitors and creates ongoing relations.

The online business arena has become very competitive and it is now very challenging to promote a business successfully. Web Development remains a crucial component for achieving success online and for e-commerce business, in particular, it is a must. Web Development also called Web Programming can be very useful to create dynamic pages that can fulfill the business objective to capture a greater share of the market easily.


The process of Web Development comprises of Web Design, server-side/client-side scripting, Web Content Development, network security configuration, etc. There can be several benefits you can get by developing a cutting-edge website with the help of eORB Solutions Inc.

  • Faster web pages
  • Increase in mobile traffic
  • Less maintenance cost of websites
  • Fewer bounce rates
  • Improved SEO
  • Higher conversions
  • Establish brands
  • Better browsing experience
  • Improved cross-platform capabilities
  • Saves money
  • Helps businesses to scale easily

Our design thinking efforts produce great results

A few reasons that help eORB stand out as a successful web development company are as follows. 

  • We have advanced infrastructure and agile web development methodology.
  • We have a talented pool of experts comprising business analysts, front-end experts, UX/UI specialists, experts in testing design, and masters in the programming language.
  • We are collaborative, communicative, and have a friendly working style with our clients and we align our methodologies with their business objectives to bring out the best result.
  • We deliver result in a short time that translates into lower costs for businesses.

We are vigilant in delivering full-proof solution to your web development venture.

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