Harmony between UI and UX Can Deliver Best Customer Experience

Design is a term that opens up this wide window of cheerful and enchanting presentation. The blend of imagination and enlightenment of the artist can produce a whole lot of presentations definite to capture your interest and excite your grey cells with charm! The concept of UI/UX in IT designing is as charming as the IT professionals themselves! eORB Solutions Inc works harmoniously with distinct skill to blend the UX and UI design to present to you the best user experience.

If UX provide a solution, the UI decides the best look

eORB is specialised in presenting to the users smoothly functional websites. We are determined to let you enjoy seamless experience. Our User Experience (UX) and the User Interface (UI) designed products create a long-lasting impact in your minds. We put into use the ideal mix of UX and UI to deliver an impactful humans and computers interaction! The strength of eORB  lies in creating an immersive experience that eventually enhances your sales figure sumptuously.

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If UX provide a solution, the UI decides the best look

At eORB, our UI designers keep updated on the evolving design trends and graphic patterns to keep up with the change in customer taste and behavior.  We adapt to the multi-screen era and bring responsive designs to bring a pleasurable navigation experience for the users in any type of device whether laptops, tablets, mobiles, and desktops. Our UI designers can create a single website that can easily scale content and elements to match all types of screen sizes.

Our UX designers at eORB understands what the pain-points of the users are and how to improve the design to mitigate the difficulties. Our UX design engineers ask probing questions like whether the content of a page is increasing conversions or the color or position of the CTA button is encouraging customers to click, etc. to improve UX design. We align our approach with the vision and mission of a business to improve the perception and interaction of users about a brand.

We endorse the ideas of uniqueness.

Thus all our web designs are unique. We are keen in getting you the best of quality output and your return on investment is sure to be spurring high. An official association with us is sure to relax you substantially on a massive part of your work load. Our team makes sure to extend to you end to end solutions. We believe in partnering with you in your journey in complete sense through your expertise support. Trustworthiness is a quality we genuinely endorse. Our work ethics and values are definite to uplift and add values to a Start-up’s path of brightening up the world.

We are a leading UX/UI service provider and we specialize in crafting excellent UX/UI design that meets the customer’s vision and goals. Our team comprises UX strategists, content strategists, UI designers who take care of the touch points with the users, and craft novel design experience. Our unique UX/UI design work includes:

  • UI and usability testing that enables ease-of-use, cognitive walkthrough, and convenient control flow. Through user testing we gather valuable information and insights of the UX/UI that helps us to make design improvements.
  • We conduct an audit for design usability that focuses on analyzing content inventory, information architecture and sitemap analysis.
  • With our experienced design solutions we make use of interaction design usability engineering to bring out engaging and immersive UX.
  • Our Information Architecture based UI and UX help us to add context related to the usual behavior of the users that produces a desirable and cohesive effect to our target audience.
  • With excellent wireframe design, we visualize the data structure and it helps to represent the UI features to carry out early testing of navigation, workflows, and the total data structure.

Our collaborative, communicative, and friendly working style makes the entire working procedure glossy!

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