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There used to be a time when the first look of a film used to be its poster. Bright coloured fonts highlighting the name of the film along with its cast and crew! The images of the actors too created excitement among the audience. Thanks to the digital age, now the teasers pop up fast enough to grab your attention. But this does not take away the glory of that one page promotional display!

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Poster is a one page promotional tool intended to uphold and display a product or an idea in a public space. The aim is to spread awareness about the product in a crisp manner amongst the mass. The elements of a poster encompass both graphical as well as textual components. But one could even encounter posters with just graphical illustrations or completely textual in content.

Posters form a massive communicative tool especially for musicians, films and events trying to get across to the audience. This does not limit its usage by other industries or mediums. It must be remembered that the single most gluing factor of this advertising tool is its visual appeal. It is an integral part of offline marketing curriculum. eORB Solutions specialises in making flyer and posters that can be of immense utility while launching a brand new service or product in the market. It could even be an innovate way of announcing a public event.


Depending on the intention behind conceiving the poster, posters can be of varied types.

  • Informative: These kinds of posters are strict in informing and enlightening people about some particular things. Take the examples of a social awareness drive or an environmental conservation campaign. Extremely focused and complemented with the bang on information, the informative posters are popular.
  • Advertising: These types of posters are all around intended to promote brand awareness. It is an economical and effective way to imprint into the minds of the audience a new product in the market. Usually vibrant, these are displayed in dense traffic areas to catch easy attention of public.
  • Affirmation: Affirmation posters display motivational lines. These might include religious quotes or lines by famous personalities. The aim is to cheer up people and inject blissful motivation among mass.
  • Propaganda: These posters are straight cut corporate or political messaging tool. Usually integrated with the corporate or political logo, the target is to display the philosophy straight.

eORB believe in partnering with you to deliver an eye catching poster. Our experts employ their creative insight to play with the mind of the audience

We are confidant of our craftsmanship. Our designs are sure to draw audience to give a second glance. We mix experience and creativity to integrate just the ideal blend of layout, message and colourful patterns. The end result is sure to satisfy you and endorse you to have a massive edge over your competitors. Come and team up with our experts to get the very best of impression delivered!

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