eORB has been one of the leading names in Bangalore for PHP. Our developers have handled many projects with numerous clients. If you are looking for quality and affordable services of development then eORB is a perfect option. In last 12 years, we have grown considerably. In 2021, we have 14 full time PHP developers working with us.

What is PHP?

PHP means hypertext pre-processor. This is an open source server side scripting language and currently most widely used globally. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this technology is single handedly dominating dynamic page creation. It can be easily integrated by numerous database options like MySQL etc.

Which are some common services associated with PHP web development?

PHP based development can be implemented in numerous possible ways. Some of them are as written below:

  1. Web application development
  2. CAKEPHP development services
  3. Web development tool customization
  4. Server side scripting services
  5. eCommerce and portal web development.

Which are different domains covered in PHP development services of Bangalore?

PHP is a server side scripting language which can be put anywhere to operate. Domain has little or no impact on website creation. Some domains which we have handled recently are as listed below:

  1. Healthcare sector
  2. Logistics Websites
  3. eCommerce sector
  4.  eLearning sector
  5. Tourism websites

What is modus operandi of PHP developers in eORB Bangalore?

Apart from knowledge, way of execution also matters. For PHP based envelopment work, we have very clear strategy from research to final product. Stages for project completion are as below:

  1. Project analysis and brainstorming
  2. Team selection as per project requirement
  3. Execution of work strategy
  4. On time delivery of project.

Along with these, there are numerous aspects that are concerned with smooth development using PHP. If you are in Bangalore and eying for quality services then check once with eORB.